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Design Stories

The work we've done with the M&L website developed in stages. First, we took the site to a stable platform at WIX.  Second, we tweaked the navigation and copy to follow suit with the company's growth and needs.  We left graphic and image changes for last.   The goal was to make the site more impactful, with a cohesive design that visually helped define sections, without changing the branding or the feel of the company too much. Ie, a refinement without changing the core.  We chose images that represented the kind of law M&L serves. We wanted a more upscale feel that represented California. Below is the before/after of the "Our Firm" link.   The new image took the page up a notch. The highlight  became a  spotlight behind the logo. The lower portion of the page was darkened to make the text easier to read  and to give the page a sense of unity while still showing clear sections. The blue highlight bubble on each principal  was changed to  orange to tie in with the header banner.  It also made a great contrast to the darker purple background. The changes have served the client well.  If you're looking for a tweak without a total overhaul to your visual identity, give us a call or shoot us an email.  

Tribal Buffalo Summit /

Buffalo Field Campaign

Buffalo Field Campaign is one of our favorite organizations to work with because they plenty of materials and words for inspiration. They allow us to sift and play through it all with great creative freedom,  until it's reduced down to a concise image.  


The Tribal Buffalo Summit is an event that has not happened in decades. It is a gathering of many Native American Tribes with a focus on restoring the buffalo's population.  The event needed a logo.


We were given words, images and themes:  "a council of fires", the buffalo, mountains and they wanted the feel and intention to be traditional, native, indigenous, and  honorable. 

The logo started with researching Native American Symbols to bring in the traditional, native and indigenous aspects.  The colors are inspired from pictures sent of personal, handmade native art. The cross means "crossing paths" which is a version so to speak of "a council of fires". The buffalo, at the center of it all is the focus and the reason why all these tribes are crossing paths. The circle and lines are the symbols for sunshine, and we hope  the meaning  would extend to happiness and light that will circle around all those helping the buffalo.  


Kids' First Initiative

We love creating for the best audience ever, kids!  It requires that we find the child in ourselves before we incubate even the first concept.  It's fun and challenging to see how much their focus and interest change from year to year. 

Kids First Initiative  launched a competition for young entrepreneurs in 4th and 5th grade inspired by Shark Tank. They needed to get the word out.  Although we were tasked with only a flyer, we took it further by creating social media reels and static posts based off the design.  

And then we ran it by our own "home-grown" 5th grade test audience to get her thoughts and final approval.   

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